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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: More on logging
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 18:46:56 GMT
> Can the logging process keep track of which child is sending it a 
> message, if they all have the same pipe open?  How would this be done in 
> Perl?  If not, some sort of unique ID needs to be transmitted so that the 
> logging process can assemble the record back together.  

If the logging process is the parent, then it should simply be
passing a pointer to a log information structure for the child to
fill in as it handles the request. The parent would just be
checking these "requests in progress" to determine if they are
complete, or dead. Once completed, they would be shoved out the
pipe to the program that is reading from the pipe to process the

Any program that wants to show current status of the server is
probably going to need to communicate with the server to determine
status. Another way I could think of doing this would be with a
filesystem type solution like /proc.

Are we on the same wavelength?

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