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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: non-forking wish list
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 12:46:43 GMT
> Mmm, this kind of info could be fed to the mythical logging process.
> You could then ask it all kinds of useless info.

I suppose I have made the most noise about this.....
I tabled this with 0.7 becoming more of a reality.  I'll start looking
at this again today.

My thoughts are that we should _not_ be creating another process, but
be giving the responsibility to the parent process, and enabling the
parent to be able to write to a FIFO.  Can we agree on that?

I have some code in 0.6.x that used the CLF and added 5 user defineable
fields. (the core dumps are tough to log though....)  :-)

Since I don't have much spare time to waste these days, I would at
least like to know that I am heading off in a direction that I
can expect others to be coming along behind to pick up the pieces....

RST - Have you started on logging in your basement project?  Any

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