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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: 0.7.2b
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 00:36:23 GMT
> the reason my 0.7.2 crashed overnight was that the signal handler for
> the parent detecting the child had died only caught the first
> dead child...  hmmmmm
> 0.7.2b *should* fix that.
> Randy, I haven't noticed any core dumps, but I'm not using VIRTUAL HOST
> at all. Are you ?  It wouldn't surprise me if that's hosed right now.

Yes, I am using VIRTUAL_HOST.  Seems like the top level script would have
blown up to.  I am about to dig into this as soon as I can grab 0.7.2b.
(I have to hope from machine to machine on the net to get there.... *sigh*)

> Anything happening on the logging front ?
> some thoughts on that... If we do go for the separate process idea, would
> it be reasonable for Apache to not do name lookups, and leave that to the
> log process which could have a cache of its own. The only problem I see
> is that some authorization is done on client name pattern matching. Yup
> that's a big problem. Is there any way around it ?

Good point.  I honestly have not had much time to look at this in
the server. Quite honestly, the pre-fork stuff blows my little mind
with regard to this...

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