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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: Any Implementation of S-HTTP available (fwd)
Date Mon, 05 Jun 1995 19:04:43 GMT

We've seen the new SSL reference package.  Unlike the Netscape one,
it does come with full rc4 in it.  I don't think it requires anything
from RSA.  The problem is, to use it in the states is a violation of
the RSA patent (at least one), even though it was developed completely
without RSA help (aren't patents fun?).

The problem with SSLref, is that it uses RSAref, which is DES only, and
therefore doesn't work on Netscape 1.0 servers (though 1.1 might work
with DES).  That makes it useless for clients without a DES server.
SSLref from Netscape is not setup for easy server inclusion, so its
supposed to be a non minimal job.

Now, this is where I say (specifically to the lurking Rob McCool who
could shed a great deal more light on this than me) that I've never
looked at either implmentation, so I could be completely wrong.  

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