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From Nicolas Pioch <>
Subject Re: Dynamic filenames
Date Thu, 01 Jun 1995 18:43:40 GMT
[Brian Tao]
 | with one particular day.  Unfortunately, cron jobs don't always run on
 | time, and we end up having bits and pieces of the following day (or
 | the previous day) in the file.

I think it's also due to jobs starting before midnight and ending
a long time after...

I'm not in favor of doing this; after all, some sites would want a monthly
rotation, some a weekly, some twice a week, some every week, some every
2 hours... we'd end up reprogramming cron.

The best solution is using cron IMHO (after all that's why it's there for).
If you want to solve esthetic problems such as jobs starting at 23:50
and ending at 00:02, the only solution I can think of is
grep'ing in and out the file (also has the advantage of not bloating the
server with mostly useless code).

-- Nicolas

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