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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: nph woes
Date Thu, 01 Jun 1995 10:57:04 GMT
> Here's an annoying problem...
>   If a nph (or nph like) script is busy doing work, and the client
> breaks the connection, the script doesn't catch the SIGPIPE until
> it tries to read or write on the socket.

it gets worse...

also, unless the nph script detects the SIGPIPE and then sends Apache
a SIGPIPE, Apache only sees the script exiting, and doesn't think
twice about it... i.e. it fails to realise that there was a problem
which needs to be logged.

My test nph script caught SIGPIPE and then SIGPIPed Apache. This was
the only way I could get the "connection lost" message into the error
log. Forcing CGI writers to do this is a real pain.

Rob Hartill                  

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