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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: logging
Date Thu, 25 May 1995 17:03:41 GMT

> If Apache is going to dump raw info to a logging process, why are
> we even discussing what format the logging process is going to use ?

As RST pointed out, we need to establish the format of the raw data
so that these logging clients can maximize their efficiency in dealing
with the data.  (Any profiles on what logging is currently using?)

> We can dump a pile of example logging processes into the support 
> directory. Some in C, some in perl...
> I think Randy said "it'll need to be in C", I think perl is far better
> suited to transform raw data into formatted data.

I agree that Perl is the choice for manipulating the data. My comment
was refering to RST's suggestion that we create a "socket hub" to
serve multiple "perl (or whatever)" data munchers. The only reasons
I see for this being in perl is that as a part of Apache, I don't
think that we can require *everyone* to have perl just to get log
info, and secondly, a C program is probably more efficient dealing
out the raw data.  It would probably also be easy to add a flag
to this "socket hub" that allowed it to write CLF to a file for
those not wanting to change.  

> What I'd like to have at the end of this is system which lets me write
> a perl script to format a log (or logs) in whatever format *I* choose.
> I don't need a CLF or CLF2 because I'm not interested in all the garbage
> info that they (might) contain.

I do think that we should consider making changes that will allow data
in addition to CLF to be configurable.

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