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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Apache env. var. suggestion
Date Thu, 11 May 1995 17:15:00 GMT
>Hmmm... the interesting issue you raise below all have to do with
>setting environment variables *outside* the config files (in .htaccess
>files, through SSI, etc.)... and imports of environment variables in
>those places might be as troublesome as outright sets (particularly if
>the daemon was originally started from someone's command line, and
>might have interesting stuff lying around to be imported).
>Are SetEnvs in srm.conf (IMHO, the right place for it --- looking
>forward to a day when virtual hosts can have their own full srm.conf
>and access.conf files) particularly troublesome?

It's really just a matter of trying to do the Right Thing Right Now.

In some ways, I see a stronger case for SetEnv in .htaccess or .shtml files
than in srm.conf. The most common use (that I have heard argued) is for
passing configuration information to CGI scripts, to avoid them containing
hard-coded data. 

For example, the receipient email address for an e-mail script, or the
root of a database tree for a dbase CGI script.

Also, there might be conflicts between the variables that different CGI
scripts needed.

I don't think it is appropriate for ImportEnv to be set anywhere except
httpd.conf; it should be primarily concerned with the server configuration.
(Such as the value of the TZ variable.)

 My original idea was that by implementing ImportEnv right now, we would
make it possible (if hacky) to solve the other problems as well.


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