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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Apache env. var. suggestion
Date Wed, 10 May 1995 16:53:00 GMT
>Hmmm... ImportEnv is probably more convenient for things like TZ, but
>the EIT-extended SetEnv directive is probably better for most uses (in
>particular, for script config vars) --- it lets you put both variable
>and value in the config files, rather than having to name the variable
>in the config files, and set the value in (I guess) a shell script
>which starts up the server with a customized environment.

Sure. But the implementation of setting of environment variables in the config
files requires more thought than the implementation of simply importing

Should one be allowed to set environment variables in .htaccess files,
or in server-side include scripts? If so, I think there should be a
restriction on the name of the variables that can be set in that case, e.g.
they must all begin X_USER_.
This restriction would not apply to the use of SetEnv in srm.conf.

Whereas I would imagine ImportEnv only being used in httpd.conf.


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