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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: time for 0.6.3
Date Fri, 05 May 1995 14:07:32 GMT

> Both DNS.ZYZZYVA.COM DNS.INETNEBR.COM are taking less than a couple 
> seconds to respond.  What happens with you nslookup after 
> setting lserver to each nameserver?
> Folks at inetnebr and zyzzyva, have you been experiencing problems with 
> your services to ?

zyzzyva is primary for so there is no problem here.  :-)
However, I have had continuous problems resolving David's domain.

Speculation Mode: David has indicated they have a secondary at MIT.
MIT being one of the older sites on the net, I suspect they are 
served by ANS which is one of the bigger snags when getting off
of a CIX net (which we are).

> We are quite well connected here, and I would have no problem with 
> providing secondary to if needed.

Thanks.  As soon as I hear back from Cliff regarding some of this,
I will confirm with those involved how best to submit the domain

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