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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Documentation of multiple domains on same server
Date Thu, 04 May 1995 17:52:00 GMT
I've uploaded some more virtual host documentation to hyperreal.

Can someone please do the following:
1. Change the link in /apache/docs/index.html `Multi-homed host support'
   to point at this file instead of httpd.conf.html#virtualhost
2. Update /apache/docs/httpd.conf.html to include:

<LI><A HREF="#bind">BindAddress</A><IMG SRC="images/new.gif" ALT="NEW"></B>

In the list of options (after `Port'), and add

<H1><A name="bind">BindAddress</A></H1>
    <li>&lt;An IP address&gt;
    <li>&lt;A fully qualified internet domain name&gt;
<P>A unix http server can either listen on for connections to every
IP address of the server machine, or just one IP address of the server
<p>If the value is "*", then the server will listen for connections on
every IP address, otherwise it will only listen on the IP address
specified. The default is "*".
<P>This option can be used to support <A HREF="virtual-host.html">virtual


to the descriptions (after Port)

3. Put links to virtual-host.html in any place it is needed. (such as
   the VirtualHost descrption in httpd.conf.html


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