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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: content type params
Date Wed, 03 May 1995 11:27:00 GMT
> > The only reason for this to have been present was as a sop to Arena.
> > If current Arenas work, yeah, yank it.

> I'll add a patch in a few mins.

Re patch E88.
The orignal patch, E24, not only introduced clean_content_type() (for removing
parameters from a c.t.) and changed probe_content_type and set_content_type()
to call it; it also added set_content_type_and_parms(). This routine
was like the original set_content_type(), and does not call clean_content_type.

So after your patch, http_mime.c contains:
void set_content_type(char *file) {

void set_content_type_and_parms(char *file) {

So my question is, could set_content_type_and_parms() be removed as well?
Or is the NULL default content type important somewhere?


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