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From "Roderick Murchison, Jr." <murch...@Newbridge.COM>
Subject Re: time for 0.6.3
Date Fri, 05 May 1995 13:47:58 GMT
David, I'm not sure why you are having so much trouble resolving  I have been monitoring resolution for this domain and I have
not seen any problems whenever I checked... maybe I'm just getting lucky. 
You might want to toss your name resolution daemon into debug mode so you
can see where the hand-off is failing. 

Both DNS.ZYZZYVA.COM DNS.INETNEBR.COM are taking less than a couple 
seconds to respond.  What happens with you nslookup after 
setting lserver to each nameserver?

Folks at inetnebr and zyzzyva, have you been experiencing problems with 
your services to ?

We are quite well connected here, and I would have no problem with 
providing secondary to if needed.


Roderick Murchison, Jr.                      Newbridge Networks, Inc.
-----------------------                      Network Engineering                       460 Herndon Parkway     Herndon, VA 22070-5241
                                             (703) 318-5759 [office]

On Fri, 5 May 1995, David Robinson wrote:

> >The name went AWOL again a day or two ago.
> Can we _please_ get this sorted out!!
>  David.

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