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From Brian Tao <>
Subject Re: *encodingFilters
Date Fri, 26 May 1995 04:29:51 GMT
On Thu, 25 May 1995, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> 	anyone noticed that Netscape 1.1N's got thses funky little
> encoding filters hooked into the MIME type that the client receives?  Like
> you can have a x-pgp-encrypt (or whatever) and the client'll pipe the
> stuff it gets from the server into a UNIX command line filter.  I hope
> the NSA don't notice that.

    If it ships like that, Netscape just has to remove the crypto-
related MIME types and just call their "hooks" generic UNIX filters
(i.e., pipe through gunzip or uudecode or metamail or whatever).
Certainly the NSA can't say that a data filter falls under the export
control laws, else it ban most standard UNIX binaries.
Brian ("Though this be madness, yet there is method in't") Tao <-- work ........ play -->

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