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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: 0.6.4b
Date Sun, 21 May 1995 19:59:45 GMT
On Sun, 21 May 1995, David Robinson wrote:
> Brian wrote:
> >1) 0.6.4b wasn't made live, so I put it in /dist and adjusted the 
> >pointers according.
> So are the other US members of the Apache group happy with you breaking the
> US export regulations by doing this? Wouldn't it have been better to wait
> until the PEM code had been removed, and release 0.6.5? Unnecessary
> frequent releases are a Bad Thing.

I didn't announce this to any mailing list or newsgroup or anything.  
There was an embarrassing typo (as noted on that page itself) which I 
thought the consensus was to fix quickly.

I definitely did not break any laws that weren't already being broken.

I'll be happy to take the PEM code out today and release an 0.6.5.  I'll 
even throw in the color icons since that should be pretty uncontroversial.
I guess I'll have to remove from the server the public distributions of 
previous versions too.  Any naysayers?


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