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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Sun, 21 May 1995 02:29:50 GMT

An update:

1) 0.6.4b wasn't made live, so I put it in /dist and adjusted the 
pointers according.

2) I'm going to remove the old NCSA 1.3 sources, as per Elizabeth's 
request.  Any dissenters?  Download it now (I'll do this Sunday night).

3) The Apache directory is being mirrored in Austria, I've provided 
pointers to it.

4) DNS for is *still* getting fucked up - it's ready to go 
being dished ut by hyperreal and organic and the uk site, but the NIC 
needs to update their WHOIS database.  Zyzzyva has been off the net for a 
couple of days now, so I'm going to try calling the NIC myself on Monday 
to resolve this.

5) Not that this can take place before the above problem is fixed, but I 
am working on getting to work under virtualhost.  More 
details as they are available.

6) I was working on doing some error_log processing and re-realized how 
useful Roy's E30 was.  So, I took it and updated it to be a patch for 
0.6.4b, and it's attached to this message for your listening pleasure.  I 
added one feature: It *doesn't* log this info for "send timed out", which 
seems to occur even when the TCP connection gets a hard close, not just 
when it times out (and Your Favorite Browser and Mine does hard closes 
when someone hits stop).  Finally, I also changed it so that all this 
info is on one line, tab-separated, script-ready.  I suppose I should 
have it make sure there isn't a tab in the field that tab is supposed to 
separate... anyways, I resubmit this for 0.6.4b/0.7.  I looked through 
the archives and I didn't see why it didn't make it into the final 
distribution.  Hmm.


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Date: Fri, 19 May 95 13:06:55 0200
From: Tony Sprinzl <>
Subject: FYI: Mirroring Apache

Hi Brian,
I put up a mirror site here in Austria (Central Europe) @ ...

(or <URL:>)
There's also a search option @ ...
<URL:> (Glimpse Index)

It's up to you to spread the word. Everyone is invited to call by.

The apache site is being mirrored daily.

Tony Sprinzl,, Phone: +43 1 58801 3608
Univ. of Technology Vienna, Computer Center, A1040 Vienna, Austria

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