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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: HTTP/1.1 implementation speeds (was Re: votes for 0.6.3)
Date Fri, 05 May 1995 01:24:09 GMT
On Thu, 4 May 1995, Simon Spero wrote:
> One suggestion I did push which had a fair reception (though there are 
> some good arguments against it) is using HTTP-NG in its simplest form as 
> the packetiser and multi-plexing component of HTTP/1.1. 

If some public-domain reference code could get out there in short order, 
this not be too hard to accomplish....

> If anybody's interested I'll knock of a quick draft of NG-lite containing 
> just the bits needed to run in this profile. I could also include the 
> necessary parsing code (it's not rocket science - hell, it's barely 
> safety match science :-)


> My current idle-task is trying to change apache to make the back end more 
> protocol independent (less writing straight to the socket) and to make 
> the  code re-runnable (fixing all the dies). 

Make sure you coordinate with Rob H's "Fork-free" patch, as it sounds 
like that's a large part of that patch as well.  Most of us had just 
presumed that the core code would just be dumped when it's time to 
go multi-threaded, but hopefully a lot of the modules could be reused.

> I should have the java-ng 
> client going soon, and I'd like to be able to test against a non-threaded 
> server. 

Word on the street is that someone is working on a java-based HTTP server 
which is already 10 times faster than netsite... shshshsh :)


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