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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Logging Database
Date Thu, 25 May 1995 09:07:33 GMT
Randy sez:
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I am including a *very* rough schema with which I am trying to
learn a bit of SQL.  Could some of you comment about the layout
and get me on the right track to finish this over the weekend?
I know that some of you have at least Sybase experience.

Comments about what we are logging, the storage types, and layout
are all welcome.  This is going into Postgres95.


CREATE TABLE remote_host (

Er, what sorts of questions do you want to ASK of this database?  If
you're going to chose to use many different tables to represent each
access then you'll need a common KEY to allow you to relate entries
in each table.  Your present schema doesn't have this.

There's no real need to have anything other than a single table to
contain your logging info.  The fields in the table would be for each
of the fields in the CLF.

Anyway, Netscape are working on a publishing engine that uses SQL
for access control and logging / billing.  My own company Elsevier
Science are analysing access log info using Oracle.  As far as analysis
is concerned this is a good path to follow.  It'll probably make Apache
grind to a halt if you log accesses directly to an RDBMS though.  I dunno
if that's your plan though.


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