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From (Elizabeth Frank)
Subject Re: export restrictions & mirroring Apache at NCSA
Date Fri, 19 May 1995 17:31:32 GMT
On May 18,  3:59pm, Rob Hartill wrote:
} Subject: Re: export restrictions & mirroring Apache at NCSA
 > > Is it really worth the agrevation?
 > sure. They're policy is rediculous.. the sooner someone stands up
 > and says so, the better. If we find ways to make enforcing the policy
 > impossible (e.g. by saying it's European), then they'll have to 
 > rethink their policy.

Once the software is in the USA it doesn't matter where it came from.
For example, we import English software with restricted technology (ie. 
bulk encryption).  USA law prohibits us from distributing it in England
from a machine based in the USA.  Once a copy of the software reaches
US soil, we can not >legally< allow someone from outside the USA and
Canada to get a copy from us without a license from the state dept.

 > > By their (NSA's) rules, general interfaces (like CCI) not intended for sole
 > > use with encryption doesn't fall under restrictions.  The hooks in the NCSA
 > > httpd are intended soley for use with restricted encryption code and are
 > isn't there a non-US version of PGP out there, which would work
 > just as well with the hooks ? if so, they have no right to tell us/NCSA
 > that PGP hooks are a bad thing.
}-- End of excerpt from Rob Hartill

They aren't saying the hooks are a bad thing, they are saying that the 
hooks are sufficient to bring the software under export restriction, a
subtle difference.  It has to do with the way the law is written.

	-Beth Frank

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