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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Re: The HTTP_TIME_FORMAT is not correct
Date Wed, 17 May 1995 03:11:15 GMT
>> According to my reading of the various HTTP documents, the time 
>> format produced by apache is incorrect.  
> According Roy Fielding - the author of the HTTP spec, the format is
> correct... Roy gave us the format string.

Hah! Proof by reference to me -- I like it.  ;-)

Actually, it is okay by me if Apache switches back to the old default
for the next three months or so (until older Netscapes are mostly updated),
provided that the new format is visible in a comment (as the old one
is now in httpd.h).

However, the format Vivek suggested is completely wrong -- neither the
old nor the new format.


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