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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Apache env. var. suggestion
Date Mon, 08 May 1995 15:31:18 GMT
   Date: Mon, 8 May 95 16:17 BST
   From: (David Robinson)

   I have also heard of suggestions to allow the setting of environment
   variables in the config files.

   My suggestion is to combine these to features into a new directive for
   ImportEnv <variable-name>

   which would allow named variables in the httpd environment to be passed
   to CGI scripts. e.g.
   ImportEnv TZ
   ImportEnv X_SCRIPT_ROOT


Hmmm... ImportEnv is probably more convenient for things like TZ, but
the EIT-extended SetEnv directive is probably better for most uses (in
particular, for script config vars) --- it lets you put both variable
and value in the config files, rather than having to name the variable
in the config files, and set the value in (I guess) a shell script
which starts up the server with a customized environment.


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