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From Jon Peatfield <>
Subject Re: DNS servers for
Date Wed, 03 May 1995 20:50:26 GMT
> I've had an offer of a DNS secondary for from the Applied Maths
> department here in Cambridge. (Jon Peatfield <>).
> Who is it who deals with this? Whoever it is, could they contact Jon to
> fix this?
> (I still can't find

Tut tut that's my OLD address.

I'll certainly set up one or more of our DNS servers to secondary the Zone unless it is huge.  I can't tell how big it is at the moment 
'cos I can't see any of the servers, I get connection timed out to both 
DNS.ZYZZYVA.COM and DNS.INETNEBR.COM which appear to be the current listed NS 

Of course if we permanently can't see the servers our binds won't be able to 
fetch the Zone...

  -- Jon

  -- Jon Peatfield  (

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