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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: export restrictions & mirroring Apache at NCSA
Date Sat, 20 May 1995 16:04:05 GMT
In reply to Robert S. Thau who said
>    From: Paul Richards <>
>    Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 15:44:11 +0100 (BST)
>    Something like this happened with kerberos. Just leaving out the
>    encryption code wasn't enough. They had to write ebones.
> Ummm... hate to confess ignorance here, but what's ebones?  

It's kerberos with all the encryption technology removed and made 
legally exportable. Archie ebones or something, I'm not sure where it
lives. Basically, just leaving out the files with the ecryption in it
wasn't enough. It had to be written in a way that there was no facility
for encryption at all.

>    What FreeBSD does is have site in S. Africa which "independantly"
>    writes the non-exportable code.
> And we do have some code-writing Brits on the list already...

Britain's no good. S. Africa was one of the few countries we found that 
could legally export encryption code. We have a few S. African who
track changes that go into our main sources and re-write the same code
for the S. African distribution. We keep all programs that use encryption in
a separate security distribution and ship the cdrom without it, telling
users to go an pick up the secure distribution from wherever's appropriate.

Apache has different problems in that you can't just distribute
the encryption hooks separately. The best solution would be to get
someone in an appropriate country to mirror the work you do and
provide a non-US version.

This isn't as bad as you might think if you're a little subversive
about it. If you find a S. African site (I might be able to find
you one) then send the patches to that site (which is completely
illegal but you'd have to be caught and that's less likely than an
archive site getting prosecuted) and import them to hyperreal.

I didn't suggest this :-)

  Paul Richards, Bluebird Computer Systems. FreeBSD core team member. 
  Phone: +44 1222 874000 x6646 (work), +44 1222 457651 (home)

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