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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Logging Database
Date Sat, 20 May 1995 03:08:58 GMT
I am including a *very* rough schema with which I am trying to
learn a bit of SQL.  Could some of you comment about the layout
and get me on the right track to finish this over the weekend?
I know that some of you have at least Sybase experience.

Comments about what we are logging, the storage types, and layout
are all welcome.  This is going into Postgres95.


CREATE TABLE remote_host (
	topdomain	text,
	domain		text,
	host		text

CREATE TABLE remote_addr (
	oct8		int4,
	oct16		int4,
	oct24		int4,
	oct32		int4

	remote_ident	text,
	remote_user	text

CREATE TABLE request (
	type		text,
	url		text,
	status		text,
	bytes		int4,
	content_length	int4,
	content_type	text,
	document_root	text,
	query_string	text,
	path_info	text,
	path_translated	text,
	request_method	text,
	script_name	text,
	uri		text,

CREATE TABLE protocol (
	http_accept	text,
	http_pragma	text

CREATE TABLE server_info (
	server_name	text,
	server_port	text,
	server_protocol	text,
	server_software	text

CREATE TABLE http_user_agent (
	client		text,
	version		text,
	lib		text,
	transport	text,


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