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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: export restrictions & mirroring Apache at NCSA
Date Thu, 18 May 1995 15:33:02 GMT
> We have to make adding the encryption stuff as difficult as writing
> original code.

says who ?  is there any online info describing this nonsense ?

> No.  In fact, if David allows export of the software (with hooks) from
> the UK, he is violating UK export restrictions and the UK equivalent
> of the NSA could come knocking on his door.

We don't have to worry about UK export restrictions. We could
mould Apache into a 150 foot long military grade "gas pipeline" and
ship it to Iraq without HM Government raising an eyebrow.

> The treaty is an international agreement and in theory Europe has 

theory shouldn't stop us.  

I'm told that "in theory" *all* types of encryption are illegal in 
France, but nobody gives a damn. I bet they have Netsite running over

> agreed to control export from their
> countries.  Further more the state department considers colaborative
> research, making detailed implementation information, or specifications
> available to be the same as exporting it.  On top which, our laws are

what are they talking about ?  encryption algorithms I bet, not
programming hooks.

> written in such a way that importing cryptography is legal, but once
> inside the country we can not export it even if we got it outside the
> US to start with.

Okay, so along the lines of Brian's earlier suggestion, we could setup
links as..>for US only</A>

     .uk/.../tar.Z>contains PGP hooks that the NSA say you can't have :-)</A>

We don't have NCSA code on our sites, so Beth should be happy with that,
however, I see absolutely no reason to remove the PGP hooks from Apache,
until the NCA come after us, and then we can argue with them.. sounds fun.


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