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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject phase II
Date Wed, 17 May 1995 10:20:44 GMT

In order to kick some life back into this list and Apache
development, I plan to build a non-forking version of Apache
out of 0.6.4 (today if I get time), and upload it to hyperreal
under the name (or should that be number) 0.7

Speak now if you have objections to the idea or the number.

Let's start using it as a base (it'll need bugfixes (leaks mainly)),
but we need something to add all our new features. 

What new features ?, errr,  

a new logging system ?
  still in the design stage.

direct access to the client socket for CGI
  I had this prototyped, but with 0.6.x feature-frozen, it had
  no home to go to.

A cleanup of the XBITHACK system
  I never did get any reaction to my idea on this, to recap;

     Rename files to be parsed  .shtml   (or whatever)
     Have Apache look for .html, then .shtml if it fails.

   it's compatible with existing .shtml usage, XBITHACKers can switch
   over to .shtml gradually, without changing their URLs.

URL -> filename caching
  Let the user list URLs which can have their filenames cached, so
  as to avoid all the other Apache overhead of finding and checking
  permissions, when the file has no special restrictions.

  This could speed up access to popular pages/images that don't need
  special attention.. they just need to be sent.

Other ideas ?

Rob Hartill                  

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