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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject 0.6.4
Date Tue, 09 May 1995 10:50:03 GMT

It doesn't look like 0.6.3 will ever be released publically (due
to the Arena incompatibility for content neg).

0.6.3 looks stable enough though, we run it here and at Cardiff.

Our problems here with HPs getting incorrect exit codes from cgi
subprocesses has gone, as have all the defunct processes which 1.3
would leave behind.

We need to release a new version to replace 0.6.2. 
If rst can provide a patch for the Arena problem, there
will be 3 patches (so far) to vote on.   


BTW, I'd like to see the Arena workaround patch be switch OFF by
default... remember it's a broken behaviour, and inconsistent with
NCSA code. 

Non-forking update..

Just to recap the status on the non-forking code. I've created a patch
for 0.6.3.

Please make this the last patch file I ever have to build for
the non-forking version. It isn't fun creating this patch to
work for each version of 0.6.x

Please can we create the fork-free alpha of Apache, and have all 0.6.x
patches created for it too... it's easier to alter the small patches
than to fix large rejected hunks by hand.

Rob Hartill                  

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