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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Arena workaround compromise?
Date Sun, 07 May 1995 14:43:15 GMT
> I've thought about this a bit.  While people who really want to experiment
> with attributes in content-type returns *can* go through .asis or .cgi, it's
> a kludge and they really shouldn't have to go through those kinds of hoops.
> What I *really* don't want is for someone to ask "why did this break?", and
> for me to have to tell them that we deliberately broke it in the 0.6.2 ->
> 0.6.3 transition.
> However, if the code is #ifdef'ed, I can tell the guy instead to just compile
> with -DW3O_SUCKS, or some such, until such time as the W3O sees fit to 
> release code which complies with their own standards.  (Gee, do I sound 
> peeved?)  So (he asks with trepidation), who has a problem with this?
> rst

I support this decision. +1  (BTW - Nice voting form RobH?)

I have to ask "does the W3O have Apache"?  Should someone offer
Apache for a test server?  (subtle hint) It would be hard to write
standard complient code without a server that behaves as such.  I
would assume the the W3O is tuned in enough to be aware of these
things, but who knows...

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