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From Rob McCool <>
Subject Re: Arena bugfix still needed...
Date Fri, 05 May 1995 19:46:58 GMT
 * "Re: Arena bugfix still needed..." by Rob Hartill <>
 *    written Fri, 5 May 95 13:42:41 MDT
 ** Actually, there isn't a single browser on the market which handles
 ** parameters on content types correctly --- they *all* wind up
 ** treating it as an unknown content-type, generally by dumping the
 ** file onto disk.  This is not desirable.
 * Netscape just worked ok with "Content-type: text/html;version=3" It
 * may have guessed, but it did treat it as HTML

Netscape 1.0 wasn't house trained in this area. Netscape 1.1 is
because we had to support

Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8850-1

or similar. In fact, the 1.1 server will send parameters on
content-types but it has a gruesome hack in there to make it so it
will only return them to Netscape 1.1 or higher.


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