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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Arena bugfix still needed...
Date Fri, 05 May 1995 13:08:58 GMT
>   How do they demonstrate content negotiation if they can't
>   handle the responses it can produce ???
> By talking to servers which produce responses it CAN handle, including
> Apache 0.6.2... granted it's their bug.  Granted, they should fix it.
> Granted, they were asked to fix it more than a month ago.  But right now,
> there is at least one browser I *can* use to demonstrate content negotation
> for handling HTML2->3 upwards compatibility, and I do not want to lose that
> until there's another.

but introducing a bug (which is what happens when you discard
valid parameters) to work around someone else's bug, stinks.

If the only reason to have this is so that *you* can demonstrate
content negotiation, then I can't see why *you* can't tweak your
own copy of Apache to misbehave accordingly. Put it in with
#ifdefs if you really need it (default = send params)

1.3 allowed parameters AFAIK. Apache should too.


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