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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: time for 0.6.3
Date Fri, 05 May 1995 13:17:40 GMT
> >The name went AWOL again a day or two ago.
> Can we _please_ get this sorted out!!

Patience.  We are working on it.  The Internic will not
update things overnight, and with recent disruptions in
the connectivity of the net, there needs to be some
thought put into the change.  Funny, when I suggested
doing this in the first place, no one gave a shit.

In case some of you aren't aware, NSFNET was officially
decommisioned May 1.  Since my site gets access through
a CIX provider, there are some serious(silly) issues
regarding peering at some of the interconnects.

This will *not* go away in less than 1 week.

FWIW - I have *never* been able to resolve
since this list began.

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