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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject time for 0.6.3
Date Thu, 04 May 1995 14:19:15 GMT

Based on the   votes

I plan to build 0.6.3 later today.

O91 - Makefile CFLAGS/name changes  failed on the basis of the CFLAGS.
Despite that, I'll change the "NCSA" name to "Apache" for 0.6.3 - nobody
can argue with that.

B94 - no multi log message  is missing 1 vote. Can I assume rst
(who wrote it) gives it +1  ?

E93 - Allow spaces in AddType   is short of 1 vote. Unless someone
wants it, it'll be left out.


all other patches have either enough votes or a veto.


If someone can upload David's new README, I'll put that in place.
I deleted my copy :-(


The name went AWOL again a day or two ago.


Rob Hartill                  

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