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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Consensus on error CGI variable names?
Date Mon, 01 May 1995 10:23:04 GMT
> Since 1.4 should be released this week (fingers-crossed), I think we
> need a consensus on the variable names.  After it comes out, its going
> to be much harder to change.
> To my knowledge, Apache still uses REDIRECT_, while 1.4 uses ERROR_
> The reasons being that the error document has been redirected to by
> the request or because the request was in error.  Especially with B18,
> which means legitimate redirects don't die(), I'm not sure which is more
> accurate.

The Apache philosophy is that all redirects now contain information
about the eariler request, held in the REDIRECT_ prefixed variables.
Custom error/problem responses can be configured to use a local
redirect, and as such, they are no different to any other type of

As I've said before, the term "ERROR_" is potentially misleading since
not all calls to die() are a result of an error, e.g. authentication
failure isn't a server error, it's just a denial of service based on
a lack of authentication.

*I* don't want to see Apache use "ERROR_", but I'm prepared to be
overruled by the majority. Only Randy and I expressed any preference
regarding the name, and "REDIRECT_" was chosen. I assumed everyone 
else on this list was either happy with the name, or just didn't 
care what it was called.
> Another thing that maybe should be included is a variable which says which
> of the password domain was violated, since this information could be useful
> to the script writer as well.  Just a thought.

It's proabably worth passing on any info that die() was given about the
problem/error. If I undertand what you're suggesting, then this would
be included.


I see no problem with using "REDIRECT_" as the prefix. The web master
will know that (s)he's using the local redirect feature to intercept 
problems/errors, so why not refer to the new variables by this name ?..
and if NCSA ever follows Apache and adds CGI variables for other redirects,
you'll need to name them.


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