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From (Andy Polyakov)
Subject Re: feature request
Date Mon, 03 Apr 1995 21:23:17 GMT
>> It would be very useful for administrative purposes to be able to see what
>> request a given httpd process is running - i.e., if an httpd process is
>> running away with the CPU or sitting around for a long time, I'd like to know
>> if it's because it's a really big file and all is kosher, or there's a logjam
>> somewhere.  To this extent, how hard would it be to have httpd rewrite its
>> argv[0] like sendmail does (I think that's how sendmail does it) so one could
>> do a "ps" and see what request a particular httpd is answering?
>HPsUX again...
>I tried to do this with HP via perl and csh, it failed miserably.
It's SYSVish feature (exec arguments are kept not in user land, but in
kernel structures and ps(1) looks there, not in user land like BSD ps),
i.e. it won't be possible to do such trick under Solaris 2.x, OSF, etc.
>Works fine on a sunos box.
Good old BSD, huh?
>So this might end up being a portability problem.
Or shall we say "religious war"?


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