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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: votes
Date Sat, 29 Apr 1995 16:03:00 GMT
> > I presume that the first non-beta release (1.0?) will be a non-forking
> > server? If so, then it's a long way off.
> A forking version might be the first non-beta - it all depends on
> what we want to call it. An earlier suggestion was to iron out
> the problems with the forking version as and when we find them, while
> we work on an alpha non-forking version.

> My guess is that in a week or two, 0.6.x will be ready to have the
> beta tag dropped, and in the meantime we can all play with the
> non-forking code.

That sounds ok.
But I would say that a 'non-beta' piece of software cannot have a version
number of 0.xx.yy; most people would not bother reading the documentation
but simply assume it was beta. Whereas `apache 1.0' sounds like a solid,
proven program.

So I would suggest that the final non-beta version of 0.6 be released as
1.0 - i.e. the _first_ Apache release. Any subsequent bug-fix releases
(hopefully none) would be 1.0.x

For the time being, the alpha non-forking server will probably continue
the 0.7, 0.8 etc progression... being finally released as a non-beta package
as Apache 1.1 or Apache 2.0


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