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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: CGI specification (was Re: restructuring the server)
Date Fri, 28 Apr 1995 16:11:00 GMT
It doesn't sound as though rst and myself disagree that much...

Basically, I started by writing a spec which matched current code, so that
we could then consider how it could be improved, rather than writing down
the ideal spec and then realising how nothing implemented it.

>    Or consider:
>    /doc.shtml is a server-side include document which does
>    <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/script" -->
>    If the client requests
>    then the script is called with SCRIPT_NAME=/cgi-bin/script, PATH_INFO=/path
>    I do not consider these to be pathalogical cases. In fact, I was
>    told (on this list) that people rely on the behaviour shown by the
>   second example.  (Much as I deplore it.)
> Invocation of scripts from server-side includes is an interesting
> thing to think about, but I think the CGI spec proper can be confined
> to direct invocation of scripts for the moment.

That's how it started out; but I gave up trying to define a `directly invoked

I don't think we loose too much by making the spec general; I still require
the server to at least provide the `direct invocation'. (Although I don't call
it that; maybe I should.)

> Still, this is an awkward case... a script which can be invoked either
> directly, or through <!--#exec cgi--> can construct, at the very
> least, a URL which will cause it to be reinvoked in the same manner,
> but it has to jump through an uncomfortable number of hoops to do it.
> Sigh...

Yes... I do define this as a 'script URL' (distinct from the client URL), but
I'm not sure it's of much use.

And I was also thinking ahead to AddHandler CGI scripts, i.e. a script
the server calls to output all .xxx files; then a PATH_INFO of the entire
URL path would be consistent with my CGI spec. (Though would you be
able to include .xxx files from ssi-scripts?)


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