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From (David Robinson)
Subject Apache & Sybase
Date Thu, 27 Apr 1995 14:38:00 GMT
I've had an offer of development for Apache to use Sybase for authentication
information (like AuthDBM only more so). Unless anyone objects, I'll
accept their offer and suggest that they join this list.

Even if we don't want their code in Apache as standard, I would have no
problem with including it as part of a contrib/ directory in the distribution.


[His original request was `can the Auth group file be a dbm file?' In response,
 I sent him P67]

> From: "Roderick Murchison, Jr." <murchiso@Newbridge.COM>
> To: David Robinson <>
> Subject: Re: Apache DBM Authentication files
> Thanks for the patch.  I will apply this and let you know how it goes. 
> Additionally, I sent a note to Mark to see if he had already worked on a
> new patch, however I see that he is on an extended vacation. As I
> explained in my note to him, we are currently building a patch of our own
> that will enable NCSA/Apache httpd users to query a Sybase database for
> authentication instead.  We began this work before we discovered Apache,
> however we will most definately continue since we feel it could be quite
> usefull to the Internet community... and we need it to interface with our
> internal call-tracking system (Clarify) which runs on top of a Sybase
> database. The Clarify<->httpd stuff is basically done at this point, but
> the authentication via the Sybase database will take another week or so. 
> In the meantime, our www site is growing exponentially and Apache's DBM
> usage was the only short-term solution. Yourself being a member of the
> "Apache Development Team" do you think the team would officially accept us
> as the Apache<->Sybase authentication developers?  There are 2 of us, and
> we would be hearty contributors...
> Roderick Murchison, Jr.                      Newbridge Networks, Inc.
> -----------------------                      Network Engineering
>                       460 Herndon Parkway
>     Herndon, VA 22070-5241
>                                             (703) 318-5759 [office]
> On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, David Robinson wrote:
> > You are correct; this feature is missing from 0.6.2. The next version of
> > Apache will probably be 0.6.3, with only bug fixes, I'm afraid.
> > 
> > A patch already exists to provide the feature you want; patch-id P67.
> > However, it is relative to an earlier version of the source (0.5.1)
> > 
> > I'm including the patch below; if you can get it to work with 0.6.2, then
> > let me know, and I'll resubmit it for inclusion in the next release.
> ...

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