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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: NCSA httpd 1.3/pl2
Date Fri, 21 Apr 1995 20:38:00 GMT
>Nope --- I believe even the latest NCSA 1.3x release, 1.3R+, identifies itself
>as NCSA/1.3 to clients (at least if I'm reading httpd.h right).
Those 1.3R+ changes in full:
 Add a top-level Makefile
 Add solaris to cgi-src/Makefile
 Security fixes to cgi-src/imagemap.c
 Add solaris to support/Makefile
    Add solaris to Makefile
    Add two new routines to util.c: lim_strcpy and strncpy_dir, which check
    array bounds, plus prototypes in httpd.h
    Change http_access.c (evaluate_access) to use new routines, ditto
    http_dir.c (index_directory), http_get.c (send_node).
    Change http_log.c (log_reason) to malloc a buffer instead of using a fixed-
    size array.

I've uploaded their tar file to hyperreal.


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