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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Votes for 0.6.2
Date Fri, 21 Apr 1995 17:07:00 GMT
>Since 0.6.2 is already built (I'm about to download it and try it out,
>just for safety's sake), this is a bit moot, but when I proposed it, 
>I specifcially meant for it to include *only* the auth bugfix, and I
>think that's what Rob H. did... the rest of the stuff is pretty clearly
>only for post-beta-1.  Given the amount of time that beta prep is taking
>up, it may make sense to postpone this week's votes on the next development
>build until later this weekend (for one thing, that would give us time to
>work out some more of the kinks in the non-forking stuff, and see whether
>it would be appropriate to add as a Pn patch).

Yes, just got the message. That's fine by me.


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