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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Virtual Host
Date Fri, 21 Apr 1995 16:12:00 GMT
>I have two servers running sharing the same document tree.
> has a Document Root that can see the entire tree.
> is a Virtual host that has a Document Root of /www2docs/

Err, why??

>Within file1.html I have some absolute paths to other documents.
>The sticky point began when trying to do image maps and accessing
>/cgi-bin etc.
><A HREF="http:/www2docs/morefiles/morefile1.html> morefile</A>

I don't quite understand; your URL does not make sense. Why not ?

>How can I serve this document tree from both servers?

You probably can't, and shouldn't try. 

>It almost seems that we need to have seperate ScriptAlias
>entries for the VirtualHost. Perhaps Alias entries that 
>apply only to the VirtualHost? ie 'Alias /www2docs/ /'.
>Actually the server should probably automatically ignore
>anything in a string that matches the DocumentRoot string
>for the VirtualHost?

You can easily do this by having separate httpd's with separate
config files.


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