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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Virtual Host
Date Fri, 21 Apr 1995 14:58:56 GMT

I was doing some more serious testing on the Virtual Host features
last night.  I have a question that may be more of an HTML education

I have two servers running sharing the same document tree. has a Document Root that can see the entire tree. is a Virtual host that has a Document Root of /www2docs/

Within file1.html I have some absolute paths to other documents.
The sticky point began when trying to do image maps and accessing
/cgi-bin etc.

<A HREF="http:/www2docs/morefiles/morefile1.html> morefile</A>

How can I serve this document tree from both servers?

It almost seems that we need to have seperate ScriptAlias
entries for the VirtualHost. Perhaps Alias entries that 
apply only to the VirtualHost? ie 'Alias /www2docs/ /'.
Actually the server should probably automatically ignore
anything in a string that matches the DocumentRoot string
for the VirtualHost?

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