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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject New Makefile
Date Tue, 18 Apr 1995 14:45:46 GMT

I just upped O58_makefile to patches/for_Apache_0.6.1.
It is a drop in replacement for the current Makefile.
I have tested this on SunOS, NetBSD, and BSDI.
Please forward change comments so that we could quickly
buff this out.

My goals in this change were:

* To create a Makefile that allows the server src directory to
  be NFS mounted with the object code and executable being created
  in an architecture specific directory.

* To provide *one* place where *most* compile time options can
  be configured.

Changes I have made from earlier versions are:

* The make system is now *one* Makefile.

* There are only *two* places to change when adding files to
  the package.

Things I am not yet satisfied with:

* I would like to eliminate the $(ARCHOBJS) link list, but
  cannot figure out how to make this happen easily. Comments

* There currently is no place to configure HUGE_STRING_LEN.
  Adding this requires a simple change to httpd.h.  I am
  interested in knowing how many people would like to see
  this configuration option in the Makefile.

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