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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: indexing suggestion
Date Mon, 17 Apr 1995 14:30:00 GMT
Rst wrote:
>...You'd need per-directory DefaultTypes (another potentially useful
>extension, though some care would be needed in implementation in the
>non-forking case)...

This is already available; it is a feature of NCSA httpd 1.3.

>   Re PATH_INFO; if /dir/file.ext is a regular (unix) file, then accessing
>   /dir/file.ext/path_info will fail.
>Not currently --- the PATH_INFO is simply ignored in this case.  I
>personally see no compelling reason to change this, although as we all
>will recall, Rob H. vehemently disagrees.  However, I do think that
>PATH_INFO should clearly be allowed anywhere that a CGI script might
>get into the mix.

I think you did change this with B23.

I based my comments on NCSA httpd 1.3, which has the following behaviour:
GET /index.html/a HTTP/1.0
returns 403 Forbidden
GET /index.html/ HTTP/1.0
returns index.html, but with Content-type: text/plain

Whereas for apache 0.5
GET /index.html/a HTTP/1.0
returns index.html
GET /index.html/ HTTP/1.0
returns index.html

The current apache behaviour is wrong.
For /index.html/a it should give 404 Not Found.
For /index.html/ it should give 404 Not Found, or perhaps a redirect to
/index.html, as in general void path segments are not considered significant.


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