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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Issues for a beta release...
Date Wed, 12 Apr 1995 12:23:00 GMT
>   Our options, as I see them ---
>   a) release a non-forking thing now, with promise of a forking
>      server to come "soon after NCSA releases 1.4".
>   b) wait until NCSA releases 1.4, and then release our code

I would go for option b).

I don't see any advantage in rushing out a non-forking server. Apache 0.5.1
is quite competetive already. The code needs changing in a lot of areas, and
I'd rather these were done slowly, rather than all in one go.
Also, I'm not sure the NCSA approach is the best way to go.
Finally, I have yet to be convinced that a reliable non-forking deamon
can ever use malloc for per-connection data. (Except in a very limited,
alloca()-like manner.) Otherwise, how do you prove that garbage does not
build up?

>2) Compatibility.  Current versions (i.e., the *most* recent betas) of
>   1.4 have the following features which we *don't* support, or do
>   differently.  Our current draft public docs page says we expect to
>   be plug-compatible with 1.4, so we have to deal with the following
>   somehow: 
I don't think we need be compatible with 1.4, only 1.3.


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