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From (David Robinson)
Subject New version of B59 uploaded: B59-include-bugs-2.txt
Date Mon, 10 Apr 1995 14:56:00 GMT
I've uploaded a new version of B59 which does not touch #config strings or
encode #echo strings. It fixes the following:

 * Couldn't have \ in tag value strings.
 * Couldn't have html entities in tag values, such as "
 * #directive names were case sensitive
 * tag names were case sensitive
 * tag value strings should be delimited by " _or_ '
 * did not allow whitespace around = in tag=value, or between -- and >

Remaining problems:

* Tag value strings should not need quoting if they don't contain special
  characters, e.g. <--#echo var=PATH -->
* There should be an option to #echo to escape any html-active characters
  in the echoed string.
* http_include wastes large strings holding names (tag & directive) and
  values, which are limited to 72 and 1024 characters respectively, by the DTD.


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