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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Voting on 0.4
Date Sun, 02 Apr 1995 17:07:00 GMT
Hmm, in my absence you've been voting +1 *... I'll have to do something about
that 8-)

Here are my votes on the patches you've already had some votes on:

B42: (B00042-patch.correct_user_logging.v2.txt)   -1   (but might change)

   I can't reproduce the problem. I'm not sure that adding another static
   array is the way to fix this. And the patch need not be conditional on a
   compile-time constant; it is a bug fix.

B19: (B19_spaces_in_content_type.txt) -1

   This purports to fix a bug in scan_script_headers (due to me); I do not see
   a bug. In
                out_headers = (char *) realloc(out_headers,
   'p' already includes the CRLF in the character count, so I don't see why
   this should change to loh+p+3.

B5: (B5-patch.UXBITHACK_improved)  -1

   Ok, but the patch is conditional on the constant UXBITHACK, whereas the
   test in http_get.c is on XBITHACK (sic).
   I haven't looked at B5-patch.UXBITHACKforE24.txt; see below.

E24: (E24_content_negotiation.txt and E24b_cn_configuration.txt) 0

   I haven't had time to work through this patch yet, or any other which
   depends on it.

E25: (E25_custom_responses.txt and E25_[forE24]custom_responses.txt) 0

   I haven't had time to work through this (large) patch yet, or any other
   which depends on it.

E43: (E43_G-XBIT.txt) 0

   Patch couldn't apply this patch. I'll try again with the application
   of some user intelligence.

And for the other patches I found in the for_Apache_0.3 directory which I

E44: (E44.nocolon80.txt) +1

   Looks OK to me. Note; I've changed the patch file name on hyperreal;
   it was E46.nocolon80.txt.

'O1': (O1.bsd4_4.txt) -1/+1

   A +1 if this is given a proper patchid. We should probably consider how
   to fix warnings on more architectures, but I see no harm in fixing
   it just for bsd4.4 right now.

P14: (P14.DBMuserauth.txt) -1

   Almost there. It needs to prototype get_dbm_pw, and remove the unused
   structure 'r' from that routine.

Patches B15 and B45 need E24 or E25.


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