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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: E71 Description File Addition
Date Wed, 12 Apr 1995 07:51:38 GMT
David Robinson wrote:
> Unfortunately, upon further reflection, I realised that users would probably
> want to set index options for an entire directory tree, and so the options

Yes.  The problem with using "AddDescription" is that any subdirectories 
inherit the descriptions on their parents.  So after a few levels you start
having to parse loads of useless AddDescription files.

Brian wrote:
> DirectoryIndexGenerator some_script
> DirectoryIndexGenerator would be the program that generates the pretty 
> HTML directory index.  

Now this is a much better solution: It won't be long before we want the
pretty index to include tables if they accept html3. 

I've not studied Multiviews in any great depth - whilst it is easy to
select between documents based on the Accept headers, does this work for
CGI scripts?   I have a CGI script that can output with tables or not -
does it have to parse the Accept headers itself (or have .cgi and .cgi3)


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