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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject E71 Description File Addition
Date Tue, 11 Apr 1995 08:16:49 GMT
My last patch for this week, E71 uploaded to hyperreal.

It is common on BBS and when you have lots of pictures to have a 4dos-style
description file.  The file contains a simple list of filenames and
descriptions, one per line.   This patch adds the ability to parse these
files automatically at the expense of one extra file access each time
a directory is visited.

This description file is also easily altered and read by other programs
allowing automatic submissions with descriptions.
Adds a new config option for srm.conf
which defaults to "descript.ion".  The format of this file is one file per
line, the filename followed by any amount of white space followed by the
description.  Note: If you use the standard "FancyIndexing" you only get
to see the first 20 or so characters of the description.

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