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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject P15 DBM Group File
Date Tue, 11 Apr 1995 08:04:26 GMT
I've uploaded P15 to hyperreal.  It's a short patch to complement
the existing DBM password database.

This patch allows groups to be held in a DBM file in a similar way to
the password DBM.  You can have any combination of normal password file,
normal group file, DBM password file, DBM group file.
A new directive AuthDBMGroupFile is added to the .htaccess processing.
The group DBM file is keyed on username with a content of
Thus the entry ":cod,haddock" would give the user entry to group protected
documents "cod" or "haddock".
Anything before the initial : and anything after a final : is ignored.  The
original DBM password patch is modified to ignore anything after a final :.
Thus the password and group details can be stored in the same DBM file if
required (the DBM file is opened and examined twice in this case).
        key=username, content=CryptedPassword:CommaSeparatedGroups:Anything

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