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From Simon Spero <>
Subject Re: broken archie scripts (was Re: fork free)
Date Mon, 24 Apr 1995 17:59:06 GMT
On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, Rob McCool wrote:
> But in /bin/sh, you can't do either. And if you kill the script, you
> can't kill the archie (because sh responds only to sigkill and then it
> won't clean up its children). That's why the implementation is busted.
You can fix this pretty easily (see extract from man page at end of 
message). Of course, this doesn't make Archie run any faster, but at 
least you can kill it.

Simon // This Message Composed By Voice
>From the shell man page:

     trap [ arg ] [ n ] ...
                    The command arg is to be  read  and  executed
                    when  the shell receives signal(s) n.  (Note:
                    arg is scanned once when the trap is set  and
                    once  when  the trap is taken.) Trap commands
                    are executed in order of signal number.   Any
                    attempt  to  set  a trap on a signal that was
                    ignored on entry  to  the  current  shell  is
                    ineffective.   If arg is absent all trap(s) n
                    are reset to their original values.   If  arg
                    is  the null string this signal is ignored by
                    the shell and by the commands it invokes.  If
                    n  is  0  the command arg is executed on exit
                    from the shell.  The  trap  command  with  no
                    arguments  prints  a list of commands associ-
                    ated with each signal number.

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